HubSpot Business Growth Examples

“We are selective about who we work with to ensure that our programs can make a significant impact on our client’s revenue.”

– Josh Paul, CEO at Pipeline Ops


“When it comes to HubSpot, Josh Paul really knows his stuff. Using his system, we had a highly productive sales process – tailored to our business – within weeks.”

“I hesitate writing a testimonial because I don’t want anyone else to hire Josh away from us. His knowledge of HubSpot is unsurpassed, and his ability to adapt the platform to your strategic needs is abreath of fresh air in an industry where many are technically competent but disconnected from the marketing side.

Even with all his expertise, he’s a pleasure to work with, flexible, and his rates are an absolute steal. Work with Josh, you wont regret it.”


HS Lead School | HubSpot Inbound Marketing Training and Consulting
HubSpot Lead Generation Training and Consulting

Attention HubSpot Customers Who Want to Get Quality Leads More Consistently …

Are you tired of investing money and time into HubSpot without bringing in more sales?

You can hire more salespeople, exhibit at more conferences, or buy more ads.

But, what if you need to get better results than those high-priced options? We created HS Lead School for you!

This 12-month small group HubSpot program transforms your company into a lead generation engine. We’ll take you and your team step-by-step through each process you need to consistently bring in more sales – from messaging and content creation to increasing traffic and closing deals.

“Josh saved us months of trial and error in HubSpot. His approach to sales and marketing automation helped us create an efficient system for turning website visitors into customers.

“Josh and his team really know the pains of small marketing and sales teams that need a lead and sales management system that is easy to set up and implement but also very, very effective.

If you want to get started off on the right foot and have a system that will scale with you, talk to them.”

“From the word go, Josh and his team really listened to the unique needs of our business before crafting a strategy to attack our problems and inefficiencies head on. He has a depth of knowledge around HubSpot and marketing best practices that was always available to me and incredibly valuable.

Helping us to transition our sales team into HubSpot for day-to-day activity was an enormous undertaking and we simply could not have dont it properly without the guidance and hard work by Josh’s team. I would recommend them to anyone in need of consultation, hands-on assistance with their marketing efforts or both.”

“Is there anything Josh and his team don’t know about HubSpot? Any curve ball I send him, he knocks it out of the park. Fantastic!

Not only did they help us with setting up Workflows and processes for the sales team, but they documented every step of the way. This makes it easy for us to train any new sales person, or to update or change a process.

Thank you, thank you, Josh and katie! You guys are rockstars.”

“Josh and his team really ‘added fuel to the fire’ where our inbound marketing efforts were concerned, from content development and website optimization to lead generation and salesforce integration. 

He also exposed us to several HubSpot tools we weren’t previously using, which really made a tremendous difference in helping us meet our business objectives.

“Pipeline Ops helped us implement the sales process that we wanted. 

We now have the stats, charts, reports and lists that we need to stay organized and be able to contact and follow up with customers easily. Thank you, Josh!!!”

“Josh and his team are truly HubSpot experts! Josh helped me to create a custom report and dashboard for a client which allowed me to pull data imported for specific contact to deliver the client the data that the needed to report to state. Josh always delivers top notch service and expertise. I recommend him and his team!”

I have been a happy HubSpot user and advocate for years. But, it wasn’t until I met Josh and his team that I actually USED HubSpot. Not only did they listen to our business objectives and provide better ways to optimize our time and system, but they were actually able to take all the ideas that have been living in my head and notebooks and efficiently put them in our system. We have only scratched the surface on what we are trying to accomplish and look forward to what the future holds.

“We had worked with HubSpot for years and nearly left the platform until we met Josh Paul and his team from Pipeline Ops. They not only saved HubSpot a customer, but they helped us reimagine what was possible from our content marketing strategy and helped us implement a much more effective approach to engaging our prospects. In fact, just 12 months later we have had a record year of sales performance.

We began our relationship with Pipeline ops back in mid 2019, since then our HubSpot performance has increased 100%. We’ve now had two very successful projects completed by them (a third one is in the works) and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Our HubSpot operation is now very professional looking, results-driven, streamlined and efficient. Most importantly, it’s not just about doing the work, but teaching us how to do the work. Sharing the knowledge to enable us to be more self-sufficient while being incredibly responsive to any questions, is a huge bonus nowadays. I HIGHLY recommend Josh and his team!

“I met Josh on a FaceBook group when I was asking for help. He was quick to offer me a free consulting session and help me with a few little problems I was having. Thanks, Josh.”

“We’ve had a great experience working with Josh and Katie on getting our CRM System up and running! They listened to us, helped us get what is needed for our team and didn’t try to shoehorn us into a system that didn’t work for us! They got us “shoes” that were the right fit for us! Highly recommend working with them on your Sales leads and CRM needs!!!”

“The Inbound Hackathon was extremely helpful to me and my company. I not only got feedback from my fellow HubSpot users, but Josh gave specific advice I could have wasted time and budget seeking with any other marketing company out there. I truly appreciate the HubSpot community he has built, and the ability to be a part of a workshop where fellow HubSpot fans participate and work together. I will definitely participate in the future. Thank you to Josh and his team!”