Our Methodology for Sales Process Optimization and CRM Adoption

Our HubSpot Sales Success Framework

The 8-part Pipeline Ops methodology is based on a series of problems:

  • How do you get sales reps to work top and middle of the funnel leads when they are used to sales-ready, bottom of the funnel opportunities?
  • How do you make sure good leads don’t fall through the cracks and rot on the vine when you have the volume of leads that inbound marketing delivers?
  • How do you know what is working and what is not in your sales and marketing processes?
  • How do you get sales reps to follow a consistent process, maintain CRM data, and use the tools you have provided them?
  • How do you recruit and retain the best sales talent?
  • How do you get the most from your investment in HubSpot?

We have refined the HubSpot Sales Success Framework several times over the past decade and successfully implemented it at dozens of companies. It has repeatedly proven to significantly boost the productivity of sales, ensure no revenue opportunities slip through the cracks, and give sales managers, marketers, and executives the data they need to make decisions faster.

Our approach to increasing revenue combines your unique business requirements, our proven process, and the full extent of HubSpot’s features and functionality.

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